Home Visits

“As  pet owner’s ourselves we believe that all pets prefer to be in their own environment, where they are used to staying and feel comfortable, somewhere that has their own smells which are familiar to them. This creates a less stressful experience for when you are away from home for both you and your pet. You can be safe in the knowledge that your pet is happy and being well looked after, giving you peace of mind.”








• Perfect for owners who are working late & need their pet fed or let out to the toilet

• Ideal if you are going away for a day, weekend, week or longer

• Helpful if you are going into hospital

• Useful if you have to go away unannounced or if there is an emergency & your pet requires care

• Excellent if you have a puppy that is being toilet trained & needs regular human contact

• No need to rely on family and friends


Home visits are ideal for all types of pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, chickens or any other domestic animal.

Daily Home Visits are beneficial for all pets, taking care of and continuing your pet’s normal husbandry routines, as well as offering mental stimulation and companionship in their own familiar environment, tailored to suit your pet’s needs.


Initial Free No Obligation Consultation

An initial face-to face consultation allows us to introduce ourselves to you and your loved one, to discuss requirements, likes and dislikes and how we can make sure your dog gets the most out of their walk. we will bring with us copies of my insurance, CRB check and signed key entrusting document.



Cats in particular are far more comfortable remaining in their own home environment. They are not pack animals and become uncomfortable being surrounded by other cats within their territory. If your cat is used to the freedom of going out every day, boarding catteries can be an incredibly stressful environment for your loved one, leaving you at unease.



Puppies – It is very difficult to leave a new puppy home alone when you are at work as Puppies between the ages of 8-12 weeks will often require extra care and attention. This includes for example, feeding, as they require 3 meals a day, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, and companionship.

Puppies minds at this stage are like sponges, they absorb all that is going on around them and can quickly develop good or bad behaviours. Good experiences and socialising with people is very important at this stage as the experiences a puppy has during this stage of their life can affect how they will cope as an adult.

Elderly Dogs – Some elderly dogs cannot manage a walk, but still require toilet breaks, companionship and affection, all of which is covered in a home visit.


Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Fish, Chickens and other Domestic Animals

Transporting a caged animal can be stressful in itself, why not let us save you the hassle, content in knowing your pet is at home in safe hands with the added benefit of security for your property. Small animals can stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home or garden. A home visit ensures your pet is healthy, happy and has plenty of social interaction.

Home visits are ideal for those who keep chickens or other birds, relying on neighbours and friends who have limited experience with such animals doesn’t usually put your mind at ease! we grew up with many animals, you can rely on us to make such each and every one is accounted for.


What is Included?

  • Feeding (according to your instructions)

  • Providing fresh water

  • Changing litter in the cage/hutch/tray

  • Letting out into the garden (if appropriate) and cleaning up afterwards

  • Affection and playtime

  • Opening and closing of curtains for security purposes if requested

  • Watering house plants if requested


Personal Pet Services provides Dog Walking (Dog Walker), Pet Sitting (Pet Sitter), Overnight Care and a Pet Taxi Service to Monmouth, Monmouthshire and surround. For a free, no obligation consultation please contact us.


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