Dog Walking

“Leaving your dog at home whilst you are out at work is never ideal, but we aim to make it that little bit easier by providing an exceptional dog walking service that you can rely on. Our intent is to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day and to help take away some of the daily anxiety you feel when leaving them behind.”








• Great for if you are out at work all day

• Useful if you are working long hours, especially in the winter

• Helpful If you have health problems that restrict your dog’s daily exercise routine

• Opportunity for beneficial social stimulation and interaction with other dogs

• Effective for dog breeds that have excessive energy


Initial Free No Obligation Consultation

An initial face-to face consultation allows us to introduce ourselves to you and your loved one, to discuss requirements, likes and dislikes and how we can make sure your dog gets the most out of their walk. We will bring copies of our insurance, CRB check and signed key entrusting document.


Benefits of Dog Walking

Walking is an instinctual, natural activity for dogs that enables them to expel energy and stimulate both their mind and body. A good walk can significantly tire and calm an excited, hyperactive or high energy dog. This will save your home from destruction caused by boredom as well as allow your dog to thrive as a balanced member of your family.

By expelling your dog’s energy, you are allowing them to better focus on you, which greatly aids in training. If your dog is wound up and excited, they are much more likely to be distracted and unable to keep their attention focused on you when you are teaching them basic manners.

Not only does walking or running provide physical stimulation, but exploring their surroundings with their senses is also greatly instinctual which will tire them out and keep their mind and body healthy and balanced.


Group Walk

Group walks provide ample opportunity for socialisation. It truly is incredible to see the difference between taking your dog for an off lead walk alone and taking them with a group of 3 or more dogs. Even though being with their group mates can make them more playful, We find that my dogs are better behaved on group walks. Even dogs who are not used to or do not love interacting with other dogs can benefit from a group walk as long as it has the right dynamic.

When out for a walk, your dog will encounter other people, other dogs, perhaps other animals as well as noises and scents that they likely do not get to experience at home. This will inspire confidence in your dog, again helping them become more balanced and relaxed.

Each group are carefully selected with breed, age, sex and personality in mind and can be discussed with yourselves beforehand.

We will collect your dog in our spacious, fully equipped van from your home or office at a time that suits you, drive them to one of my safe and secure dog walking routes and then exercise and play with them until it is time to go home again, happy, tired and content after an excellent workout. Upon our return, we always check that the water bowl is full and that if you dog is wet, that they are towelled down. We can also follow any feeding or medication requests you may have.


Personal Pet Services provides Dog Walking (Dog Walker), Pet Sitting (Pet Sitter), Overnight Care and a Pet Taxi Service to Monmouth, Monmouthshire and surround. For a free, no obligation consultation please contact us.


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