House & Pet Sitting

“Overnight Pet Care and House Sitting ensures stress free pet sitting for your loved ones and security for your home. We make sure that all of your pet’s routines remain the same as if you were there, ensuring your pets are happy and content, staying in the comfort of their own home.”







• Cost effective for anyone who has more than one pet to be cared for

• Perfect if you have animals that cannot board i.e. chickens

• Useful if you have an elderly dog or a puppy that has their own routine

• Peace of mind that your pets are content and happy in their own surroundings

• Saves any inconvenient journeys to and from boarding kennels/catteries

• Security for your home


Why disrupt your pet’s normal routine when you could have an experienced animal care professional stay in your home with your loved ones, offering companionship for your pets and security for your home.


Here at Personal Pet Services we have combined Pet and House Sitting to allow your pets to stay in the comfort of your own home. During an overnight stay I will look after your pets as if they were my own, your pets will be fed as directed, dogs will be walked, medicated if required and will receive much care, play and attention.

With regard to chickens and other birds, I will ensure that they are all put away of an evening and let out again in the morning and If there is anything else they require, I will happily care for those needs.

I will clean up after your pets, provide fresh water, take in the post, take out the rubbish, water house plants (if requested) and keep a close eye on the home whilst you are away. I can also call or email you with updates as often as required during your trip.

Your home will be looked after, making sure that it is secure and any emergencies (i.e. leaks) can be resolved without further damage.

For peace of mind, upon request I am able to provide several references from previous Overnight Pet Care & House Sitting clients, giving you reassurance that your pets and home are both in good hands.

Personal Pet Services provides Dog Walking, Home Visits, Overnight Care and a Pet Taxi Service to Monmouth, Monmouthshire and surround. For a free, no obligation consultation please contact us.


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